Bumbu - N°1 Premium Rum

17 sept 2020


Bumbu is now officially the No. 1 Premium Rum in America!

Over the past month, Bumbu Original has overtaken Ron Zacapa.  We are now in open water and the goal is to be bigger than the category.  Bumbu can be a household name brand.  It can be the Patron of Rum!

You’ll also notice that Bumbu XO is now a top 10 premium rum brand, coming in at No. 9 overall.  XO, too, can be bigger than the premium rum category.  There’s no reason Bumbu Original and Bumbu XO can’t be No. 1 and No. 2 in this category.  

Launched less than 5 years ago. Bumbu XO was launched in limited release in 2019, and is already a TOP-10 premium rum brand. Bumbu Original Craft and Bumbu XO are both growing at extraordinary rates: 83% and 155%, respectively.

Every account should carry Bumbu and Bumbu XO, and if they carry it, they should carry more!


[source: AC Nielsen]

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